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51 results found
Name Road Area County Petrol Diesel
Applegreen Dublin Road Poles Cavan
134.8cdown2nd Nov
124.8cup2nd Nov
Campus Griffith Park Cootehill Cavan
134.9cup11th Sep
117.9cdown24th Nov
Campus Cootehill Road Cavan Cavan
154.9cstable3rd Nov
161.9cstable21st Oct
Esso Main St Mountnugent Cavan
171.9cup20th Oct
162.9cup20th Oct
Esso Main St Lisduff Cavan
142.9cdown25th Nov
139.9cdown25th Nov
Esso Cavan Road Ballananagh Cavan
128.9cdown22nd Jan
122.9cdown22nd Jan
Esso Station Road Cootehill Cavan
155.9cdown26th Jun
155.9cup28th Dec
Estuary Loch Gowna Gowna Cavan
141.9cup21st Dec
999.9cup2nd Dec
Excol Dublin Road Virginia Cavan
999.9cup14th Jul
999.9cup14th Jul
Excol Main Street Killeshandra Cavan
139.9cup21st Apr
129.9cup21st Apr
Excol Kilconny Belturbet Cavan
140.9cup28th Apr
131.9cup28th Apr
Global Dublin Road Killynebber Cavan
117.9cdown4th Feb
100.9cup9th Feb
Go Cavan Road Bailieborough Cavan
999.9cup21st Sep
999.9cup21st Sep
Go Virginia Road Ballyjamesduff Cavan
148.9cup25th Nov
141.9cstable25th Nov
Great Gas Farnham Street Cavan Cavan
128.9cdown21st Aug
114.9cstable21st Aug
Great Gas Main St. Mullagh Cavan
131.7cup14th Dec
126.6cup14th Dec
Independent Main Street Dowra Cavan
145.9cup16th Aug
125.9cdown16th Aug
Independent Doon Heights Ballyconnell Cavan
136.8cup20th Apr
125.8cup20th Apr
Independent Cloverhill Cloverhill Cavan
148cup8th Mar
999cstable11th May
Independent Dublin Road Cavan Cavan
999cup17th Jun
150.9cdown15th Dec
Independent Main street Killydoon Cavan
130.9cdown19th May
114.9cdown19th May
Independent Dublin Road Lavey Cavan
139.9cup27th Apr
120.9cup13th Oct
Independent Main Street Bailieborough Cavan
999.9cup24th Nov
999.9cup24th Nov
Independent Lower Main Street Kingscourt Cavan
999.9cup3rd May
999.9cup3rd May
Independent Dublin street Ballyjamesduff Cavan
136.9cup22nd Mar
124.9cup22nd Mar
Jones Oil Farnham Road Cavan Cavan
999.9cup15th May
133.9cup14th Dec
Maxol Lower Main Street Kilnaleck Cavan
172.9cup20th Oct
162.9cup20th Oct
Maxol Kesh Rd Gortnakesh Cavan
141.9cdown26th Apr
131.9cdown26th Apr
Maxol Cullies Cullies Cavan
147.9cup31st May
138.9cup31st May
Maxol Ardcavan Wexford Wexford
128.9cstable28th Nov
116.9cup25th Jun
Maxol Main Street Swanlinbar Cavan
139.9cup13th Jan
129.9cup13th Jan
Tesco Thomas Street Bailieborough Cavan
134.8cup22nd Jan
124.8cup22nd Jan
Texaco Barrack Street Bailieborough Cavan
137.9cdown22nd Jan
127.8cup22nd Jan
Texaco Bridge St Cootehill Cavan
135.9cup27th Feb
131.9cup6th May
Texaco Dublin Road Cavan Cavan
135.9cup2nd Nov
125.9cup2nd Nov
Top Main St Bawnboy Cavan
999c30th Nov
999c30th Nov
Top Ernehill Shopping Centre Belturbet Cavan
139.9cup28th Apr
130.9cup28th Apr
Top Station Rd Cootehill Cavan
139.9cup11th Sep
121.9cdown11th Sep
Top Farnham Rd Cavan Town Cavan
128.9cdown22nd Jan
122.9cstable19th Jan
Top Main Street Blacklion Cavan
999.9cup22nd Jan
999.9cup22nd Jan
Top Main St Ballyconnell Cavan
127.9cdown2nd May
109.9cup2nd May
Top Church Rd Arvagh Cavan
130.9cup19th May
114.9cup19th May
Top Railway Road Cavan Cavan
139.9cup20th Apr
129.9cup20th Apr
Top Kingscourt Road Shercock Cavan
154.8cup23rd Feb
148.8cup28th Apr
Top Main St Lisduff Cavan
142.9cdown25th Nov
139.9cdown25th Nov
Top Kingscourt Road Bailieborough Cavan
134.8cup3rd Nov
122.8cup3rd Nov
Top Dublin Road Kingscourt Cavan
137.9cup3rd May
127.9cdown3rd May
Topaz Dublin Road Pullamore Cavan
149.9cup18th Nov
124.9cup2nd Nov
Topaz Carrick Road Shercock Cavan
156.9cup2nd Feb
153.9cstable2nd Feb
Topaz Dublin Road Tirquin Cavan
129.9cdown21st Aug
116.9cdown21st Aug
Topaz Dublin Road Lavey Cavan
149.9cstable17th Aug
125.9cup2nd Nov
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