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46 results found
Name Road Area County Petrol Diesel
Amber Youghal Road Dungarvan South Waterford
144.9cup4th Jun
134.5cup4th Jun
Amber Paddy Browne's Road Lisduggan Waterford
141.5cup21st May
131.5cup21st May
AppleGreen Cleaboy Road Waterford Waterford
143.5cup4th Jun
132.5cstable4th Jun
Applegreen Dunmore Rd Passage Cross Waterford
136.8cup8th Mar
125.9cup22nd Jan
Applegreen Main Street Lemybrien Waterford
145.5cstable4th Jun
135.5cstable4th Jun
Campus Ring Road Kilrush Waterford
145.9cstable12th Jun
135.9cstable12th Jun
Comeragh Oil Dungarvan Business Park Dungarvan Waterford
145.9cstable20th Jun
135.9cstable20th Jun
Discount Fuel Deals Dungarvan / Youghal Rd Kinsalebeg Waterford
143.8cstable13th Jun
133.8cup13th Jun
Emo Portnahully Rd Ballygriffin Kilkenny
138.9cup1st Apr
128.9cdown1st Apr
Esso N25 Tarrsbridge Waterford
142.9cstable14th Jun
132.9cstable14th Jun
Great Gas Killure Road St Johns Park Waterford
136.8cup6th Jan
125.8cup6th Jan
Independent Dunmore Road Tramore Waterford
999.9cup1st Sep
999.9cup15th Oct
Independent Beary's Cross Lackandarra Upper Waterford
147cstable20th Jun
138cstable20th Jun
Independent Main St Logleagh Waterford
999.9cup23rd Jan
999.9cup23rd Jan
Independent The Square Kilmacthomas Waterford
999.9cup23rd Jan
999.9cup23rd Jan
Independent Dunmore Rd Ballinkina Waterford
133.9cstable19th Jul
117.9cstable16th Jul
Independent Coolnamuck West Kilmacthomas Waterford
142.8cstable5th Apr
133.8cdown5th Apr
Independent Main St Ardmore Waterford
999.9cup3rd Sep
999.9cup20th Jul
Independent Waterford Road Tramore Co Waterford Waterford
141.9cup4th Jun
131.9cstable4th Jun
Independent Newrath County Kilkenny
144.9cup14th Jun
134.9cup14th Jun
Independent Waterford Road Tramore Waterford
141.8cdown17th Jun
131.8cdown17th Jun
Jones Oil Manor Street Waterford Waterford
999.9cup23rd Jan
133.9cup21st Jun
Maxol Dunmore Road Waterford Waterford
137.9cup8th Mar
125.9cstable22nd Jan
Maxol Cork Road Kingsmeadow Waterford
145.9cup16th Jun
135.9cup16th Jun
Maxol Belmont Road Ferrybank Kilkenny
140.9cup5th May
129.9cup5th May
Maxol Abbeyside Dungarvan Waterford
145.9cstable18th Jun
135.9cstable18th Jun
Morris Oil Mill Street Ballymacarbry Waterford
148.9cdown12th Jun
135.9cdown12th Jun
Swift (East Cork Oil) R680 Kilmeaden Waterford
143.9cdown4th Jun
132.9cdown4th Jun
Tesco Ballybeg Kilbarry Road Waterford
134.8cup31st Dec
124.8cup31st Dec
Tesco Ardkeen Outer Ring Road Waterford
139.9cup20th May
128.5cup20th May
Tesco Summerhill Tramore Waterford
138.9cup4th Jun
128.9cup4th Jun
Texaco Dock Rd Ferrybank Waterford
144.9cup26th May
133.9cup26th May
Texaco Cork Road Waterford Waterford
140.9cup16th May
129.9cup16th May
Texaco Military Road Waterford Waterford
144.5cup16th Jun
133.5cup16th Jun
Texaco Main St Lemybrien Waterford
145.9cstable4th Jun
135.9cstable4th Jun
Top Cork Road Waterford Waterford
999.9cup23rd Jan
999.9cup23rd Jan
Top Holycross Waterford Waterford
145.5cup29th May
133.5cup29th May
TOP Newtown Road Waterford Waterford
143.9cup18th Jun
133.9cstable18th Jun
Top N72 Ballyrafter Waterford
132.9cdown24th Oct
122.9cdown24th Oct
Top Main St Ballymacmague Waterford
146.9cstable20th Jun
136.9cstable12th Jun
Top Sexton Street Abbeyside Waterford
144.9cup10th Jun
134.9cup10th Jun
Top Dock Road Ferrybank Waterford
142.9cup26th May
133.9cup26th May
Topaz Dunmore Road Waterford Waterford
143.6cdown26th May
133.9cdown26th May
Topaz Youghal Road Dungarvan Waterford
146.9cstable12th Jun
136.9cstable12th Jun
Topaz Cork Road Waterford Waterford
145.9cup16th Jun
135.9cup16th Jun
Topaz Cork Rd Waterford Waterford
144.9cup16th Jun
135.9cup16th Jun
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