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Duplicate stations in Galway City
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2015-06-02 16:33:24

Hi, my first post about two weeks ago seems to lost in transition.

There are duplicate stations in Galway:

http://pumps.ie/viewStation.php?stationID=4608 and http://pumps.ie/viewStation.php?stationID=1427

The latter is branded Texaco, the formes is independent. I believe the first one is correct, as despite there is Texaco sign on the station the credit card charge was to independednt diesel supplier.


http://pumps.ie/viewStation.php?stationID=4628 and http://pumps.ie/viewStation.php?stationID=4629

The first one location is totally incorrect, the second location is correct but lacks proper logo and seems to be less frequently updated.

I believe those have to be merged, web interface does allow me to edit each separately but not merge.

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2016-03-05 09:56:18


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2016-03-09 19:00:56

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2016-03-09 19:01:28


Not sure there is anyone looking after the edit station feature.

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